Abortion Services in Manchester, NH

Reproductive Services of Manchester Providing compassionate, personalized abortion care since 1973

Reproductive Services of Manchester a division within Manchester OB/GYN Associates offers a broad range of abortion services in addition to comprehensive obstetrical and gynecologic care. Our medical director Wayne L. Goldner MD FACOG a board certified OB/GYN has been practicing at Manchester OB/GYN Associates since 1982. He is responsible for the surgical services and maintenance of certification and quality of care. Angela Diorio ARNP co director is responsible for medical RU486 abortions and for patient emotional support and follow up.

Our Services

Medical abortion using RU486 is prescribed up to seven weeks and upon request is available up to 9 weeks. For additional information see Mifeprex / RU486

We perform in office surgical abortion in the first trimester. Done in the privacy of our office, patients receive individualized and personal care.

Medically indicated second trimester abortions including genetic and anatomic abnormalities are managed in a compassionate and personalized manner. The procedures are performed at the Hospital and include Dilatation and Evacuation as well as induction abortion. Support services including genetic counseling and emotional support are available. Follow up care can be done in our office or with your primary OB/GYN. Future pregnancy planning and management can be obtained in our office as well. We also perform in office amniocentesis if necessary to make a definitive diagnosis.

We have on site AIUIM certified ultrasonography performed by certified ultrasonographers with over 40 years of experience.

Reproductive Services of Manchester is a National Abortion Federation certified abortion site.

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If you would like more information please call our office at (603) 622-3162 extension 504 and speak with one of our specially trained physician coordinators.