Q: I missed a pill. What do I do?
A: Take the pill as soon as you remember. If taken the next day, take 2 pills and continue the pack as normal.
Q: I missed two pills. What do I do?
A: Take 2 pills as soon as you remember, then 2 pills the next day, then continue the pack as normal. You will need to use condoms for the rest of the pack.
Q: I missed three pills. What do I do?
A: Stop the pills and await a period. Use condoms! Start a new pack the Sunday after your next period. You may want to consider a more user-friendly form of birth control.
Q: I am bleeding between periods. Is this normal?
A: This is very normal in the first three months of use or if you have missed pills. Continue to take your pills daily.
Q: What antibiotics or medications affect the pill?
A: These include rifampin (an antibiotic) and the antiseizure medications phenobarbital, carbamazepine, felbamate, phenytoin, topiramate, and vigabatrin. Use condoms as backup or consider another form of birth control if you use these medications.
Q: It is the weekend and I have no refills left on my pill. What do I do?
A: Do not worry! Call the office on Monday. We will review your chart and help you to get your pills on Monday. You can throw out Sunday's pill and start the pack Monday without increasing your chances of pregnancy.
Q:I keep forgetting to take my pill. Help!
A: One helpful hint is to carry your pills with you. Set your cell phone alarm at a convenient time for you. When it rings, excuse yourself and take your pill. Other tips for remembering are to keep your pills with your toothbrush and take your pill in the morning or evening when you brush your teeth.



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Pap Tests

Q: What is a PAP SMEAR or PAP TEST?
Q: I have had an ABNORMAL PAP TEST result. What does that mean?
Q: I have to have a COLPOSCOPY. What is this and what should I expect?
Q: I have to have a LEEP procedure. What is this and what should I expect?

Post Procedure Instructions

Q: I think I may have a VAGINAL INFECTION. What should I do?
A: Please call the office to let us know what your symptoms are so that we can schedule you for an appointment. Our number is 622-3162 ext 504.
Click the link below to see the different types of vaginitis and what to expect at your visit.